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The definitive solution to the problem of unsightly radiators in any environment.
Ultra-sophisticated films like leather, fabric, wood, scratched steel, concrete, marble that give a material, tactile return to the touch of the fingertip.

Radiatore con pellicola materica
Radiatore con pellicola a foglia d'oro
Pellicola a foglia d'oro
Radiatore con pellicola al carbonio bianco
Radiatore con pellicola al carbonio bianco

Do you want to coordinate the radiator in your living room with the leather sofa? We have the solution, the radiator covered with a film that simulates the skin of your sofa.

Do you want to combine the radiator with your fabric armchair?
We have films that show warp and weft, like a fabric.


Do you like a finish that recalls the wooden floor?
We have over 200 wood-like finishes of all types and genres.

Are your tastes for elegant gold and silver decor?
We have films that reproduce the various shades of gold, silver and other metals


your new radiator (sartorial)
3simple steps

Now you can order your tailor-made radiator

choosing the format, vertical or horizontal, among the available sizes, select the thermal output and have fun browsing through our textures



Horizontal or vertical, our steel plate design radiatorsthey are available in numerous sizes, for any environment.   Consult, measuring tape in hand, which one is right for you and remember that our radiators can replace pre-existing systems.


thermal yield

Standard, Super Power or Ultra Power. Each environment has different heating needs, by size or type of use. TMR Radiators satisfies every need with the right choice according to the different characteristics.



Modern, classic, colorful, shiny, golden... every possible finish is available to you from our catalogue, to blend in with your decor or give new light to your rooms.

The perfect design for you is waiting.

check the measurements in our form

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Modulo Home

a customized quote

Create your own TMR radiator


Your TMR radiator can change graphics, appearance, finishes, according to your wishes simply, economically and without assembly instructions.You will be able to change the graphic finish of your TMR radiator, with the simple application of a magnetic film to be placed, actually unrolled, on the radiator.You choose the type of finish by indicating the model and measurements of the TMR radiator, and a roll of magnetic film of the exact size to cover the surface of the radiator is delivered to your home.

Heat Emission

Do you have large size rooms ?

The TMR radiator has the right solution, its construction formula allows it to adapt to any space thanks to the possibility of calibrating the measures of the radiator with the 3 dimensions, height, length and depth.
Thanks to these 3 dimensions, the TMR radiator, with the same size (height 1800mm X length 600mm,) can heat a room from 11 sqm up to 30 sqm.

The models of TMR radiators
are divided into different thicknesses with the following definitions:


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