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Solid colors that recall the sensation of paint and laminate. New "ultra-matte" finishes express an incredible material effect by suppressing the glossy effect on the surface. Soft and sophisticated, to stand out visually and tactilely.

HG 1511.JPG
VEGGETTI_campioni_CL_02_2022_2735_MW 1418.JPG

Textures that reproduce all types of wood, both natural and reconstructed, in line with market trends.

The Woods series expresses the realistic texture and feel of natural wood.
This is thanks to the reflection of light on the ultra-matte finish which is combined with the embossing of the wood both on the surface and in depth as well as a very high quality print.


The gold finishes, in various textures with relief to the touch, have different luminosity effects depending on the lighting angle.

You can choose the rougher gold effect or the more refined one.

Ideal for a classic environment.

NU 2009.JPG

Fabrics that give a magnificent sensation of original fabric to the touch. From patterns with fine density and a soft touch to other woven and dry ones that recall linen or silk


Material finishes that faithfully reproduce different types of natural, hammered and reptile leathers. An absolute novelty is represented by the suede series, one of the most appreciated finishes for its material characteristics which recall, to the eye and to the touch, the softness and warmth of velvet.

LE 1105
ST 2170MT

Stone and marble, grit and sandstone.

Silky finishes with a sandblasted effect, a perfect combination to join the most classic interior design aesthetics of your environments.


Reproductions of metallic surfaces, shiny, scratched, smooth and opaque, perfect for domestic environments with a modern design and commercial activities.

ME 1961
TE 1653

Cement, industrial plaster, stone and marble, grit and sandstone. Silky finish with sandblasted effect.

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